Monday, September 15, 2008

My Morning Ritual

This is my morning ritual - I take a nice dip in my jacuzzi with a towel on my head.

I don't have many vocabs to describe how I feel so I seek Jiu Jiu's help for some translation and subtitles:

Malaysian English: Shiok!! Malaysian Malay: Shiok!! Malaysian Tamil: ShioOOook!!
Cantonese: Shu Fok Sai! Hokkien: Si Pak Song! Mandarin: Hen Shuang Ah! Hakka: Hou Song ah!
Thai: Syabaaaai Syabaaaai!!

Now you leave me alone "groupie that comes in the form of parents" , I will continue to entertain you later after my beauty bath.... (see above subtitles again)

Oii Papa Mama, I said leave me alone la


jiu jiu said...

No comment for Kai-Jin bathing's photo? Hmmmmph the blog will go on strike for 1000000000000000000 seconds...

Kai-Jin said...

Yeah!!! How come? Nobody think I am cute?! Humpff!!

ryeli said...

can u ppl stop showing his pee-pee already?!!! i feel for u boy.

i love seeing your fats but no need to show everything yea?! :)

Anonymous said...

i think he is super cute

folks in singapore said... time photoshop & censor la. but he really seems to be enjoying himself. so such a young age he's really quite "entertaining".