Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hello everyone, sorry to keep you waiting, I have been busy being.....


I want to introduce you guys to my family today - Daddy, Mummy and me (I look cuter in person)!!!

My daddy's name is Ronnie but Mummy calls him Xiau Qi Gui for unknown reasons and Jiu Jiu calls him Ah Piang also for unknown reasons. I will tell you guys more when I learn how to talk so I can ask my mummy and jiu jiu k?

Daddy is the the handyman of the island. I think he can build anything from a house to a helicopter to a baby bed as shown below. This was built for me about a month ago and I love it!

Take a closer look! Can your daddy build this??

i would have called your bluff, but i cant talk yet.OK nevermind BUT.........CAN YOUR PAPA MAKE THIS? MUAHAHA. Its a mobile hammock, its a flashy beach ride yo

This is my mummy and her name is Pei See but I hear jiu jiu and her friends calling her Pei Pei.

Daddy took this photo and he calls us the Stone Age Family, I dunno what that means..

Mummy is my constant supply of food, she feeds me whenever I cry for food or not. I don't think I can live without mummy.

Every night we would watch TV together and my parents would put me in Hao Peng You (buddy) pose. I love hanging out with them :D

Before I go, daddy said something very funny to me even though I have no clue what he was talking about. Any of you understand him? Please drop me a comment if you do ok?


Kirsty P said...

tuttttt ronnie how do you expect us to understand when you are speaking in malay!!!
Kai-Jin you are getting big and so cute! and so rude posing for pictures with no clothes on!!!
Hope your having fun on the island!
Love Kirsty x

ryeli said...

wei, at least censor the pee-pee part la....poor boy, will get loads of teasing later on. don't u know this is a family-oriented blog?!!! hehe...anyway, i love his baby fat!

Kai-Jin said...

ooi! Who gives you permission to post my naked picture? What if my potential girl friend sees it and ran away after seeing it?

jiu jiu said...

I don't think Ronnie spoke in Malay, hahahaha. Well who asked you guys to look at his bird-bird when you supposed to be focusing on his face and other body parts!! This is a family blog

Li En said...

teehee so cute

Kirsty P said...

ok ok manderin then!!

扬舅舅 said...

at least i can build lego,maybe machine later...hey boy,don't be so proud leh...haha