Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What have I been up to?

I have been busy lately, busy exploring my world. Now that I can sit on my own, I find that the world is so much more interesting!

This is me at Lumut Yacht Club, they have many nice boat there, my papa say one day we will go sailing in one of them!

I love sitting, and riding, this is the first time me riding on a dolphin, mama says one day I will see a real dolphin!

Hello Mr. Dolphin, nice to meet you!
Can I give you a kiss?
Wow, this is big!!!
This is flat dolphin!
I love hanging out with papa, we were on the beach at Teluk Batik. Papa told me that he used to hang out there when he was little!


扬jiu jiu said...

The last photo is like a gangster dai lou carrying his son around and trying to say that:

"next time this piece of land is ours"


weipeng said...


KittyCat said...

KJ is so cute and chubby - I LOVE this time in a baby's life. You just want to sniff and squeeze them each time :)

Treasure these moments!