Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year dear KJ -Mama's entry

Our big baby! See how big he is now?

2009, KJ first new year. He just turned 6 month old, and I am feeling that my baby is growing too fast! 2008 is KJ year, from pregnancy to giving birth, from newborn to little man...time flies! So fast that I can't bare to see my baby slowly growing out of my reach! I know, I know, I know, he is only 6 month old, not 16, but I really miss him when he does not have too much opinion of his own! Yes again, you all with older child out there is going to laugh and say that I don't know how lucky I am?! (right Syn?) Anyway, here are something about my little man:

1. KJ is a fully breastfed baby, and he is still attached to my booby.
2. KJ is a green baby which he uses cloth diaper, and only uses disposible diaper when he is travelling.

3. KJ just started solid, and his poop still doesn't stink! :) (I know, very soon everything will be changed!)
4. KJ Does not like to be on his belly, although he know how to roll over, he refused to do it much.

5. KJ can sit without support now for a very long time. (over 10min.)

6. After being fuss around by many people, KJ like to be left alone in the bed, and he will self entertain for a while!
7. KJ loves stories, he can pay attention to the entier story, unless there are other people or activity around.
8. KJ has no teeth!!!

To you our draling boy, mama and papa love you very much, we are so happy to watch you grow, although mama keep whining that you are growing too fast, but ignore it! Keep growing! Happy new year! We are planning for your birthday already!! hahaha...


HuiWuen said...

hi kai-jin! kukujiao ni ah! wah so fast u ardy 6 mths old liao lo, how heavy r u now? got break jan-jan gor gor record ardy not? jan-jan gor gor 6 mth old got 9.6kg.

Anonymous said...

only 8.4kg but his hair sure break jan's record. already cut 5 times lor.

ryeli said...

haha...well, enjoy while it last really. they grow too fast and will outsmart us soon. sigh!