Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Baby Galore

Hi there! Have you got a nice new year party?
Papa and Mama took me to a birthday party on the second day of new year, it was my Xing Yang Jiu-Jiu's 16th birthday. There were many babies to play with that night, and some of the babies I call them Aunty!!!!
All the relatives think it is very cute to have our photo taken, so here are the photos of us...I think the adults were having more fun than us!

From left to right: Me (6M), Qian Yin (13M), Zi Xuan (10M), Shun Yue (15M)

You can tell where is the sound coming from...we all are working hard to please!

Ok, enough...

Enough we need a break!!!

This one here is my little Aunty!

Left to right: Me, Aunt Qian Ning, Aunt Qian Yin, Shun Yi, Shun Yue.


Mrs Kam said...

Kai-jin's mama,

The baby Qian-yin 千殷 is uncle Chia Xian's daughter, born a few days earlier than Hao Re, right? Uncle Chia Xian is the youngest brother of the Ong, right? Okay, then Qian-yin is your cousin, and so is Kai-jin's auntie.... interesting!

Hao Re's mama

HuiWuen said...

wah!! kai-jin!! u look same size with other babies wor!!


Kai-Jin said...

Hao Re mama, yes that is 小叔叔 's daughter. It is more complicated than this! hehehe

Kai-Jin's mama

Kai-Jin said...

kuku, but I still not as big as Jen-Jen koko!

ryeli said...

hehe, the only time the babies let you exploit them. yes, kj's the youngest but nearly same size as all of them eh. hehe...