Thursday, October 29, 2009

Genting Highland Revisit

After my first visit to Genting Highland with my gong-gong and po-po last year, we revisiting Genting yesterday with them again. This time, I really enjoyed my trip!
I brought my Baba (Barney) along with me to Genting.
There were so many nice things to play and see at Genting Highland.
This is my first ride ever, the Merry-Go-Round, and papa got the privilege to go on the ride with me.
We did some shipping,
and play some nice fun games,
And we ended our night with nice hammering game, and called it a night.

The Next morning the weather was really nice and we tried all the ride that I can go on!

Me in the monorail, and wow!!! I loved it! Everything was so cool and exciting!!

I had most of my ride with my papa, and they were all so much fun!
I am high up there! can you see me!?
Me and kong-kong having a nice cruise on the "river".

I love this Rio Float ride, we got to ride in a whale!

What a tiring day! I need food to gain back my energy!! Can we come back again soon!?!?

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The Kam family said...

Enjoying the wonderfulness of highspeed internet at KL ya. Uploaded so many photos! Nice! Keep the photos coming. Kai-Jin has grown so much!