Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Penang Trip

Hello everybody, let me tell you where I have been last week.

My papa and mama decided to take me to Penang Island. We were staying in this nice hotel call Evergreen Laurel at Gurney Drive, and I REALLY love this hotel! I especially love the bed!

This is me posing on the bed...

Another one of me posing on the bed...As you can see, I really think they have the best bed!

See what the housekeeper did? They even made my "bed"!!

I also love the bath room, I get to bath in this huge bath tub with a lot of water in it! Mama can't upload the video of me in the bath tub, because I didn't allow her to show everyone my pee-pee! So we post this one instead! Me sexy not? Hehehe...

Here's some sight seeing:
Me on the ferry looking out to Penang Bridge
I miss the sea...ah, the sea breeze, so so good!
See you next time!

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weipeng said...

哇,佩佩,你的寶貝很可愛。 我們又見面啦。