Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Let's Go to the Zoo 2010

Hello everyone, we are back in the civilized world! First stop Zoo Negara!

Thia is me and Ji-Raff! I love Ji-Raff, because in mama's story the little giraffe is brave and clever.
Hi, I am Kai Ann, is my first visit to the Zoo, I love animals!
I love elephant too, because in mama's story they are brave and loyal!
I touched an elephant! It was really cool!
I say hello to all the animals, and tell them long time no see!
I also pose for papa.
I must show my mei-mei all my friends at the Zoo.

And my favourite animal is my mama! :)
I just love clinging on to her...
I am not my mei-mei, I can walk like the elephant...oooohhhh....OOooHHhh
Strong like a bear...
and swift like a cheetah!
I run here, run there to see all animals at the zoo...

climb up and down to make sure I don't miss anyone!
I saw also a PANDA!! (Tapir, and later he said it is an elephants after a closer inspection:))

The legendary Hippo POPO! Another of mama's story.

And big big fish!!!
After all the excitement, and watching my kor-kor running around, I am so hungry!
I am so hungry that I can eat the whole mama!

My mei-mei is eating my mama, and I eat my mei-mei for lunch! :)

I am so tired, can we go home now?

Papa, can we come again? Can you take me to the safari?

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YuinTing said...

Very lovely pictures! Wonderful family outings.