Saturday, October 9, 2010

Toilet training KJ

We started toilet training KJ by taking his cue, and the beginning was a success, but after his penis infection and circumcision, the training start all over again.
He became uncooperative, and keep wetting his pants. We punished him but he still continue to wet his pants, so we decided to go easy on him and let him be. But the story of toilet train intensified. He started to refuse to go to toilet, even had a couple of poo incident (which he long ago trained for the big business). We decided to stop pushing. One day he got Thomas train's underwear from my friend Libby, and he has stopped wetting his pants totally.
And since yesterday, he demand to go to the toilet himself, by pulling his own pants down. He didn't let us go near him to help him, which cause a couple of accidents because of aiming problem. Our little control freak has finally master toilet training. He will take off his diaper after his nap ant jump to the bathroom. And his nappy is still dry, but we still not game to take his afternoon nap diaper off yet. Will wait 1 more week!
Well done KJ! Papa mama is proud of you! (Yes living in the wild help the toilet training a lot! :))

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