Thursday, December 16, 2010

KJ and his conversation

KJ's speech development is very advanced. His conversation now is like a 4 year old, with proper adjective in complex sentences. We speak Mandarin to him and he is surrounded with English speakers. Here are some snippets of his smart remarks:

Papa and KJ in bathroom, and papa was focusing on cleaning him.
KJ: "Papa! Smile! Like this - HAHAHA!"
Papa: "


He has been counting, and at one point everything is 2, and recently it has became 3. One day he was on the phone with popo.

Popo: "KJ when are you coming back to see Kong-kong and popo?"
KJ, "3时!" (translation: 3 times)


KJ made a mess during at dinner, and papa told him off;

Papa, "KJ, don't make a mess! I am going to get mad! Are you afraid of papa?"
KJ, "No, I am afraid of mama!"
Papa,"How about papa?"
KJ, "I am afraid of mama scold me, not papa, BECAUSE papa is a nice guy!"
Papa, "


KJ and our Cambodian Maid SK were playing at the yard back at Yeh-yeh and mah-mah (Ron's Parents) house, and the road across is quite busy, so we warned him against playing outside.

KJ, "Kakak, you see outside got many car! You don't go outside, after car come you die! This I tell you in English!"
Maid, "


After done with his boot-boot (BM),

KJ, "Papa, first wear the underwear only put on the pants, otherwise bird-bird (penis) will come out!"
Papa, "


KJ was playing at the yard, and our maid was standing on a stool cleaning the grill, KJ ran pass to pick up his ball, saw her, and casually commented, " Kakak, fall down tell me!!"
All of us, "


I was in the toilet doing my big business, and ever since we got kids, we did not lock the door just in case. And suddenly my door swung open,
KJ, "Mama, what are you doing?"
Mama, "Mama boot sai, close the door!"
KJ, "Why?"
Mama, "go out and play, I cannot sai!"
KJ, "Mama, you do like the thinker (show me the thinker pose). Mama when I do the thinker my sai big-big come out, Ka-Da-pong Ka-Da-pong!"
Mama, "


Joyful.Mum said...

KJ is sooooo cute. I can't help laughing!

nann nann said...

哈哈~笑死我!下次我也用thinker pose来试试看;)

YuinTing said...

He's so cute! Listening to him must be very entertaining :D