Monday, November 28, 2011

Kuala Gandah Elephant Senctuary

My papa brought us back to KL and had to go back to island to finished packing so our grandparents decided to bring us to the elephant sanctuary.
So I ride on my ah Kong elephants to see the gentle giant. This is how big an elephant is! And they are so clever too!

And I ride on my popo! The view is nice up here! Just like how the elephant can see!

This elephant sanctuary is very nice, they treat the elephant well, and mama told us that all the elephants were rescued. Some are orphans, because their parents were killed or captured. Some lost their home due to deforestation. Here I am feeding a baby elephant banana.

At the sanctuary there is a man explaining about elephants, and some very clever elephants show us what the elephants can do. We can ride the elephants too, but we went on Deepavali holiday and there were a lot of people, and the ride seats were full, so mama said next time we will try!

Because we came when it is raining, the trip had to cut short. But we were really thrilled to see the elephants and feed them too!

This is after the baby elephants took their bath, we took a group photo with our neighbour. We didn't look too impressed because we were too closed to the elephant, and my friends started to cry so me and my mei-mei also felt disturbed.

Mama told me next time we will go in the river with the elephants and bath with them! We will take papa next time too!

Note from mama:
This is a must visit with your kids. It is a very well taken care of place, no administration fee, only donation. You can bring food and picnic there, bathing with the elephants seems really nice. You will have to obtain another type of pass for bathing and riding elephants. They are doing this so to limit the number of trips for the elephants. They are at the sanctuary for protection not for show.
A lot of information about elephants can be seen around the park, and lovely environment they have for the elephants old and young.
It is only about 1.5 hr drive from Kuala Lumpur.

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