Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Monsoon Holiday part 2 - Reptile and Butterfly Farm Melaka

Hello all, here is the second part of our very happening monsoon holiday, within 1 week, my mama got us to see many things. This time we have to go to see doctor at Tangkak for our allergies so we went to Ayer Keroh to see some real crocodile!
We arrived at the Reptile and Butterfly Park along with papa and mama, and off we went to explore the park.
We were first greeted by this huge Galapagos Lizard, I really love it! It loves his vegie just like us!

The park is not very stroller friendly so I help my papa and mama to carry KA's stroller when going up and down the stairs.
I loveeeeee the reptiles, especially the snakes! I got soooo excited being able to see the snakes up close!
Check out the size of this python! Papa said it can swallow a cow whole! Woah!
FINALLY! I got to see the REAL crocodile. There were so many crocodiles here, and we saw one went underwater, and blew bubbles through the eyes! Papa said he had never seen crocodile which could blow bubbles through the eyes before!
I ask the crocodiles if they are selfish (the show Selfish Crocodile), but they seem to share the pond with each other without fighting, so mama told me they were good crocodiles and sharing crocodiles.

When my brother running around yelling with excitement I just enjoy sitting in my stroller, feeling like a princess.

My favorite part of the part is the butterfly park. There are so many pretty butterflies and flowers around. My brother would point them out for me, and sometimes tried to catch one for me. But my mama got crossed at him for doing that, because she said it will hurt the butterfly.

Look at me, am I as pretty as the butterfly?

We love our adventure at the Butterfly and Reptile Farm.

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