Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kai Ann's allergy - 2nd Visit to Tangkak Dr. Wong

Through a blog mom's recommendation, we took KA to see Dr. Wong who practice NAET. After 1 and a half month of taking the drop given by the doc, we revisited him for a follow up.
Her egg allergy was 25 (range between 0-25 for allergy level, for 25 being the highest), and it is now dropped to 7. He informed that we are doing very well for her allergy to dropped from highest to 7. And it would be totally cured in no time!
Both KJ and papa's allergy improved also, and best news is KA had less skin irritation since we started the drops. The fee is not cheap for the revisit, it is RM100 for the new drop. In total we spent RM240/person for 2 visits so far. But we felt it is worth it, if the allergy can be neutralized!
For those who wanted contact for Dr. Wong, here is the info:
Clinic Wong
No. 114, Jalan Payamas, Tangkak Johor.
Clinic hour is 8-1245, 2-4.30pm Monday - Friday. Weekend please call to find out timing.

It is very easy to find, take Tangkak exit, after toll, turn right, and go into Tangkak town, go straight after seeing police station on your left, it is the shop lot right pass the police station on your left.

You can go there for the famous beef noodle before seeing the doc. Good luck!

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YuinTing said...

Glad to hear the good news! It's worth the money and effort!