Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Singapore Trip-part 1

We used our passport! We took our first flight! We been to Singapore over the weekend!
My kong-kong and po-po decided to make our first family trip, and since I still need my nap often, we decided to go to Singapore where we can shop for half an hour, and go back to hotel for my nap for 2 hours and come out again to continue exploring.

This is me with my kong-kong all excited at LCCT.

I fell asleep during take off, and lucky I woke up in the middle of the flight and get to see the scenary from above the cloud!
Wee!!!! So high!

Arrived at the hotel lobby waiting to be checked in.

Me with my hotel view!
This is how me move about in Singapore, my potter and the loan stroller from Ryeli! Good thinking Kong-kong and po-po to bring papa and jiu-jiu along! :)

Singapore is full of nice glowing things! I love them! See this? Bling!
Ya, shop till I drop!
See what I got? New friends for my niu-niu!

Having fun with jiu-jiu.

~to be continue~


HuiWuen said...


ryeli said...

next time i borrow ur papa and jiu jiu to carry me and my mei-mei around yea?!

ah, saw the octopus! hehe...

Mrs Kam said...

Kai-Jin Didi:

Ai-yoh, should have let my mama knows, then we can meet up for the very first time at this city of lion. My baba said the air we breath in in Singapore is not as fresh as those back in Malaysia, what do you think?

Kai-Jin said...

Hao Re Koko, I like your city for a change! The street there are so bling! :) I love watching shiny things!

扬舅舅 said...

i like the last photo...i'm not gay ok..just it give out some house warmness feel...