Monday, March 23, 2009

Family Weekend!

Over the last weekend, Kong Kong & Po Po, Jiu Jiu, Chin Che, Wei Khang ge ge and Uncle Ubi Plant all came and visited me. I was jumping in joy to see. Some people say I am perpetually happy but I guess I get more happy when I see them.

Wei Khang Ge Ge has moved on to work for Jiu Jiu now. He is a beach boy moving on to be a city boy! I still like to bully him hehehe!

I miss playing with Po Po, she loves teaching me to dance and I enjoy dancing with her!

And Kong Kong and Jiu Jiu took me to the sea, it was cold (check out my face) but I enjoyed it nevertheless.

Jiu Jiu bought me some new toys

and Jiu Jiu was topless like me! (but my body is much nicer than his)

I love my new toys!

We ended the day by having a nice swim with papa (actually everyday) Hehe!

I really enjoyed my weekend with them around, VISIT ME sooooon ok?
I miss you guys already!


little prince's mummy said...

Nice outings!~
Your little one is so chubby and cutie!

ryeli said...

ur growing too fast! i can c why your mummy is missing her baby already. :)

ur also so fair against ur papa...hehe.

btw, i can c ur po po and kong kong and jiu jiu will be hitting a break record soon by the most visits to perhentian in one year and it's all coz of u. arent u special boy! get so many visitors all the time. :D

Mrs Kam said...


This is Hao Re Gogo's mummy writing - I am so tempted to pay you a visit. Kai-Jin mummy, can you please tell me what's the easier way to get to Perhentian and how many hours of travelling involved? If I can work out the logistic, would surely visit Kai-Jin during my 2nd trimester, great break for the whole family!