Friday, March 27, 2009

Things That I Have Learnt So Far

Hi guys, I learnt lots of things recently and below are the updates !! :-)

1.) Crawling
Finally I can crawl (kinda), YAY !! Well, I just want to skip the crawling part to walk right way. Mama and papa said I am a good boy, and they are so proud of me because finally I tried to crawl. I am proud of myself too !! Hehe

It's a tiring process, I sweat so much !!! I am not sure whether I wanna do it again!!

2.) Fake a cough
Cough cough cough cough !!!

3.) Swing Swing Swing (my papa made me this!)

I love it so much !!

4.) SINGING !!!

I think everyone know that my papa wants me to be a rockstar, and I can play the drum and sing as well

4.) Learn how to say No !!
I want to play to Mickey Mouse, Mama please don't film me for a while, can ???

5.) Underwater Fun
Papa wants me to become a diver at the age of 1 !!! I think it looks more like free willy!

I am sure I will learn a lots more soon !! Stay tuned !!!

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