Sunday, March 15, 2009

KJ's Development So Far - Mama's Entry

It's been a while I do a Mama's entry, since it is almost impossible to upload any photo, I will catch up on the development of Kai-Jin's growth.

Kai-Jin has 6 teeth now (2 just erupted), but he has got very strange teeth order! First he got his lower teeth on the Chinese New Year eve, and 2 more follows after a week, but the top 2 teeth that cut wasn't the normal 2 front teeth, he got 1 front teeth and 1 side teeth cut at the same time, and for the longest time I thought he only got 3 teeth growing, and didn't realized that there is another one next to the front teeth, so when we look at his teeth, he looks like he has crooked teeth like the pirates! :) But now another is growing so soon his teeth will be even again.

Kai-Jin can now wave good bye, a skill he picked up without us realising, at first we thought it was a fluke that he waves his hands when someone say good bye, until one day I realised that he actually know the meaning of waving!

We tought Kai-Jin how to clap 1 time and he instantly picked it up, he now clap at any given opportunity, when he wakes up from sleep he will clap first before he calls out to us. Just like how people summon for service at the restaurant!

Kai-Jin loves playing on his drum, he can not hit the drum with the drum stick, and love drumming on anything that can make sound. Ronnie is dreaming of a future rock star son! (*_*")

Since we got back to the island KJ became more verbal, he babbel none stop, he love joining in to our conversation, and he has got this growl when he got upset with someone, or trying to dismiss cooing guest or the staff.

Kai-Jin remembers people, he misses his kong kong and po po so much, when they came for vist after we came back for 2 weeks, once he saw them he cried and burried his face into their chest!

I think KJ is pass the seperation anxiety stage, he is now ok with most staff and allowed them to carry him out of my sight. He was very clingy about 2 weeks ago.

He is still not crawling, he will tumble and roll to where he wants to go, but not crawling yet. He is standing a lot and learning to hold on to something for support now, but still not holding on strong enough. We think that he will learn to walk rather than crawling.

Oh, and he love eating sand, and drinking sea water! ^_^

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Mrs Kam said...

Kai-Jin Didi,

Finally heard from you!!! I have been missing you a lot. Glad that you are adapting well to your islander's life. Have a great time swimming in the sea :-) Wanted very much to see how you look now with more teeth, but understand your mummy has problem uploading the photos.... never mind, I shall wait patiently :-)