Saturday, March 21, 2009

Homecoming King

Sorry for the lack of update my dear fans, we just moved back home (Perhentian Island) and mama is having some problems with the internet connection so we have to rely on MMSing reliable Jiu Jiu to upload my photos (booooooooooo!!).

Last few weeks were kinda adventurous for me, I am still getting used to it but I am falling in love with home all over again after leaving it 4 months ago. I love the sand, the sea, the breeze and the green surrounding us. I also spotted the giant monitor lizard, birds and lots of insects. It's way more exciting comparing to the city.

I get to dine by the sea

(opps this doesn't count)

Hang out with papa & mama and take my nap by the sea

Play by the sea :)

And I get to be topless like Papa!! Sexy!

Ok that's it for now, I wanna go for my evening swim already... bai bai!


天天天蓝 said...

oh.....ur life is so attractive. hope we can meet you this coming summer holiday, maybe by that time you can be my boys' swimming shifu.

nann nann said...


Ethan said...

your jiu jiu always delay things de in it already,haha~~looks like your house becoming a insect farm+zoo already,haha~~

Anonymous said...
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