Sunday, January 23, 2011

Influenza A - Mama's Entry

After celebrated new year both KJ and KA were down with high fever (39.4C),on the 2nd day KJ's fever subsided but KA continue to have high fever, they were both given antibiotics and doc noticed redness on both their throats, but KJ's was milder compared to KA. On the 3rd day, I started to have high fever (39C), sore throat, and chesty cough. I haven't fall sick since I was pregnant with KJ, and this is one of the worst I have had as far as I can remembered.
When I went to the doctor, he suspected Influenza A, and suggested a test, and result came back positive. And decided to ask papa to take the test since he too wasn't feeling well, and the result came back negative. Now left the babies, and we brought them both to the pediatrician for the test, and result came back that Kai Ann is positive and KJ is negative. So we had to be separated, the boys in 1 room, and the girls in another. I continue to breastfeed Kai Ann and doctor gave us tamiflu for the virus. KA's fever was under control when she started tamiflu, and it took me 2 days to cleared mine. But the side effect of the drug was giving Kai Ann strange dreams that she will screamed at night, and it also made me edgy.
We self quarantine for a week, but it was hard to keep KJ away, he was sleeping with his papa, and when papa got sick and he went to sleep with his grandparents. But when he woke up, he loved to hang out with his sister and me, and luckily he didn't catch the virus! That 1 week was worst than confinement, because there was no visitors, and we tried not to go out from the house to avoid in contact with the neighbours.
Thank god for supportive family we manage a major illness as a unit (all 4 of us), and all went well. KJ was such a good boy when papa and mama were sick he was so understanding and let us rest. KA was not too hard too except taking her medicine! Always need 2 of us when is her medicine time. Unlike her brother, he always ask for medicine. We call him junkie!
I pray for good health for everyone in the family during this new year! And also good health to all of you!

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YuinTing said...

I can understand how tough it was to cope with that. Glad that everyone is healthy again. Do take care be ready for a great new year ahead!