Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Countdown at Cameron Highland

Papa and Mama decided to take us togather with ah kong and popo to join our friends HayeLi and RyeLi to Cameron Highland for the new year.
This is my second trip to Cameron Highland, and this time round I am mobile and can explore the place on my own!
3 of us were having a blast together from making faces to playing and sleeping. Mama call us the monkeys!
Happy 2011 from the 3 monkeys!
We played at the hot spring at Kuala Woh
Untitled Image.jpeg
I love the suspension bridge
Untitled Image 1.jpeg
Showing the girls how a brave boy look like!
But later when my papa decided to wash my eczema spot behind my leg, and I wasn't so cool anymore!
As for me, I just love being in the outdoor! I have my mule with me, and that is the most important! He takes me everywhere!
Untitled Image 3.jpeg
I laugh and giggle when I am having fun with my papa. Can you see my teeth?
Untitled Image 2.jpeg
I can't wait to join my brother and RyeLi and HayeLi to run around! Mama say next year I will be able to join them to monkey around!
Untitled Image 8.jpeg
The weather at the Cameron Highland is not too good, but whenever there is no rain, we will go out and play at the playground. I shown the girls how to jump from very high place!
Untitled Image 4.jpeg
After a few round of showing off, accident happened! I fell...
Untitled Image 6.jpeg
and grazed my forehead...but there were ladies watching so I only cried a little bit and continue to play.
When the weather is not good, we stay home and eat junk food, (my first exposure to junk food, and am loving them!)
Untitled Image 17.jpeg
watch movie on RyeLi's iPod Touch,
Untitled Image 18.jpeg
or just getting cozy....

As for me...I observed and...
Untitled Image 14.jpeg

When weather is better, also visited the tea farm,
Untitled Image 20.jpeg
It is very nice and green.

Untitled Image 22.jpeg
and I especially love the brownie and ice cream!!

Untitled Image 25.jpeg
had so much fun with popo just doing silly things!
Untitled Image 26.jpeg
It is such a lovely holiday with family and friends, papa and mama, we must make this a annual destination ok?!!

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