Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Singapore Trip - Underwater World

A quick one before we move on to our new adventure of 2011. The last part of our Singapore trip:
The Underwater World!

It is like home here with lots of marine creatures. Mama and papa were as excited as we were.

The coolest thing to me is the conveyor belt, I ran up and down on it so many times till my papa told me the belt is tired, and needed a rest!

My mei-mei was really tired watching me, she fell asleep for most of the time!

When we were done with the underwater world, we were told to pose for the camera at the exit, and they took a group photo for us. The girl who took the picture thought I was very funny!
Mei-mei, I will bring you again, and next time you will get to enjoy the "conveyor belt"!

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