Saturday, January 15, 2011

KJ and his imagination

Hello I am KJ, when I was this small I love imagining little bugs, and rain. They were my favourite things, and they cheer me up!

When I grow a little bit more, my imagination got bigger! One day I will be a little explorer, sail to the widest sea with my papa.
Sometimes I will imagine I am a dragon dancer...
Or the clever little pig who tricked the bog bad wolf!
I created my world with everything I can get...
I can built anything I want with my beloved Lego. (Yes I constructed both the airplanes)
Recently I have become Buzz Lightyear
I love his courage, and his loyalty....
I can fly like him, and be the toughest toy!

I took care of my "equipment" very well, everyday when my mama bath me, I will polish my laser, make sure my mama wash my wings, and wipe them dry so they don't rusted over!

I have a special button call "right on the bow" which I will press my "ding-dong" and fly!

Ok, see you! RIGHT ON THE BOW!!!!

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