Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunway Lagoon

My kong-kong served with Kiwanis Malaysia, and each year Sunway Lagoon will sponsor the under privilege children a chance to enjoy at Sunway Lagoon. My papa and mama decided to also take us along (paying full cause we are not under privilege) to Sunway Lagoon.

We were enjoying ourselves at the wet park, but I am not very happy with the adventure pool there, cause the roof leak! (KJ hate the bucket of water tipping over when filled so he told papa that the roof leak!

This giant bucket poured water on people, and everyone sit in front of it waiting for it to tip over, but me and my mei-mei didn't like it!
But we both loved the wave pool. It reminded us of home...minus the sand.
I loved swimming underwater now, and I also like sneaking up to mei-mei and grab her feet.
This is my silly koko, I love him very much, and I wish I can do all the things he can do!!
I love splashing about in the water, it was very cold at first, but as soon as I got used to it, I just don't want to leave!!
I love swimming with papa and mama,
I am just watching everything my brother does, and I am sure very soon I can make silly face like him too!
After the water park we went to the wildlife park, and see some friends of mine!
Hello lizard!
What's up?
Mama, look, the monkey is hungry!!
These are my all time favourite, crocodile! And these are really big crocodile!
Papa, look 3 tortoises big, small, and smallest!
Mama, this one very smelly!

Wonder where was I?
I was so tired after the swim that I knocked out in my stroller!
It was a very nice day out! We should come back again! Papa and mama said they wanna bungee jump next time! hmmm...

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YuinTing said...

With brave and adventurous papa and mama, I'm sure KJ & KA will grow up to be like them too :-)