Saturday, November 8, 2008

An Eventful Day

My papa went for a diving trip, and left me with my mama at my kong-kong and poh-poh's house. So I am stuck with mama who took this opportunity to do her women thing, like chatting none stop with tata Carine, Auntie Siew Wye, and Auntie Synnee. She thought I was having fun when she brought me over to see Ryeli jie-jie's new mei-mei, Haye Li.
Mama, what are you thinking? Yes the girls are having fun! See this picture?
Liv and Ryeli jie-jie were running in and out none-stop with Ryeli jie-jie's toys, and what do I do?I just lay there waiting for my mama to finish talking. And I think the 2 most bored person in the room were me and Haye Li!I feel for you girl!!

When the women finally finished chatting they finally going home, I was missing my papa a lot and wanting to do some male bonding, so I show mama my grumpy face, and she decided to cheer me up by taking me to the Club House's play room!I was left lying in the pool of balls, but I still miss my papa, and that didn't cheer me up at all. Lucky mama got Uncle Harick to play with me, but the horse didn't cheer me up either!

Finally, uncle Harick saw his favourite thing on the wall, the mirror! While checking his hair out he saw me laughing, and that finally cheer me up, and I started my laugh at everything I see and hear!


Chin che said...

Somehow his papa seem to hold him looking very right and comfy ;)

Chin che said...

Sorry uncle Harick ;)