Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yo! KJ in Da Haus!

Yo! Da name is KJ with an attitude!
Today Kong-Kong and Poh-Poh decided to take me to Genting, so I bring along my papa and mama to be my body guard and stylist. How you like my look?

I think I am the coolest baby around! Bow-wow-woow-woooww-yi-pee-yo-yi-pee-poop!


Chin Che said...

i think Kai Jin and papa looks very nice indeed. Well done stylist ;)

Merv said...

I like the hip hop KJ. Very suave..very smooth...Whaddup? Gimme sum luv, brotha!

ryeli said...

aiyo, little choo-ee in da making! pls dont get too many shoes like ur jiu-jiu ok?! expensive hobby unless ur jiu jiu sponsor ur shoes all the way! :D