Saturday, November 29, 2008

5 Months Old

Hello Everybody, I turned 5 months old yesterday! You must be wondering where have I been? And why is there no news from me, that is because Papa and Mama took me for a trip to visit many people but I will tell you the stories later. Here I am posting some recent photos of me for those who are having KJ withdrawer syndrome.

This is me with the tiger outfit check out my perfect push up pose!

This is me after swimming session, in my Moo-Moo towels.

Me on the wheel.

This is me last night, having a fever on the 1st day of my 5th month, but I didn't complain, nor cry! I am a brave boy!

This is me on my car seat on the way back to KL just now.

All tired from my car ride, rest now, will tell you more story about my trip later!

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