Saturday, November 1, 2008

What I learn today

I learn today to:
  1. Read alphabets A to G - I enjoyed the reading part a lot, mama show me flashcards and read me the word, and show me pictures, I laugh a lot during the session, and mama says we will do that everyday!
  2. Turn from my back to my tummy and back to my back - but I still haven't get my arms out under my belly! I for once enjoyed rolling over today, I was laughing a lot while doing it too!
  3. bath in a big bath tub - I especially loved the bath tub, there were soooo much water, and papa was in the bath together with me too! I hope we can do that everyday!
  4. sleep on my own - This I don't like, my mama didn't breast fed me to sleep tonight, and she decided to teach me how to fall asleep on my own! I didn't know what to do, and how to sleep, so I cried in my cot. My mama let me cry, and later mama and papa came in to kiss me and tell me to sleep, and they left me again! I cried more, because I want to have something to suck on, and mama came in again and she got me a pacifier which I used to hate, and this time I suck on it, and it wasn't that bad. I fell asleep while sucking on the pacifier, and hearing mama's voice. I also heard mama told me that she is proud of me!
My mama say I am a big boy and I will slowly learning more things as I grow older. I hope most of the things she is making me learn is fun, and not tough like falling asleep on my own!

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