Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Day

Today I woke up at 9am, mama was very happy! And she decided to take me out with Jiu-Jiu, and she dressed me up:
You like my tiger out fit?
Cause I love it!
I am very happy because mama told me that I only need to have 1 more long sleep and a few little naps and papa will be back!! I am so happy that I start chewing on mama's sling!
When we got home I was so excited that I kept talking none stop, until mama force me to sleep, and I still protest loudly because I want papa to come back fast, but mama told me if I don't nap papa will not be back!

After all, this will be a lovely day! My happy day, despite the rain!


jiu jiu said...

Little tiger pangsai in his suit! hahaha so cute!

Kai-Jin said...

ooi jiu jiu, you not suppose to tell everyone!!