Friday, December 12, 2008

KJ at Cameron HIghland

Hello peps! KJ here, and this is about my recent trip to Cameron Highland.
We decided to join Ryeli and Haye Li to Cameron Highland, so we packed kong-kong, po-po, along with my other toys, and headed up to Cameron Highland.

The first 2 days we spent indoor because it has been pouring. I put on my best gear to inpress the ladies...

See that? I get to kiss Ryeli jie jie!

She loves me! ;P

Who say 3 is a crowd?

Uncle Dennis is warning me off his daughters...hehehe...I knew I am a threat!

But it is not my fault that the girls love me! After all who can resist a charmer like me!??

Since it is raining none stop for 2 days, I got really grumpy staying indoor, eventhough I have the beauties with me. It is time I make full use of my super companions: "KONG-KONG & PO-PO"!

They took me out in the rain, walking around the apartment we stayed, and they thought me a song called "Singing in The Rain". I love you Kong-kong and Po-po!

Finally, on the day that we are leaving, the sun finally shine! Papa and mama decided we have to at least take me to the greens since we are up on Cameron Highland, to prove that we were really there instead of my mama making up the trip just for a post!

We went to a tea plantation, and took some photos before we head back, so see ya, we not lying, we were really at Cameron this holiday!

Ok, will have more trips coming up since we have got a passport now! Will tell you more stories when we come back from other trips! Got a lot of packing to do! Later peps!

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