Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Have A Passport Now!

Today my kong-kong, papa, and mama took me to the immigration office, they say I am getting a passport so they can take me some where during Christmas holiday!

First mama took me to a place where someone took my photo, I put on my usual charm and only 1 shot we got the best one for the passport!
This is the photo they took. Nice?

Kong-kong help mama to fill in the form and we are ready to go! While waiting, papa kept me amuse by checking out the wall post and the poster:

Finally I got my passport, but I already fell asleep when we got it!

Now, I am ready to travel, where are you taking me?

When we got home, kong-kong took out mama and jiu-jiu's old passport, and here are the photos, who look like who more?


merv said...

KJ lookslike Jiu Jiu.
Where is KJ going? Can I tag along?

Kong Kong said...

These photos refresh my memory.It was just like yesterday.I have gone through the journey on seeing them from being baby till today where they are already parents.
My dearest Kai-Jin, Kong Kong wish you all the best and hope to live till 90 years old to see you grow up and dating girl friend.

Anonymous said...

Kai-Jin looks cute! Hey where are you traveling too? Maybe we can book last minute to meet? will be hard I guees, but its worth trying. btw you missed uncle Brian's birthday last week... We had a big party in a restaurant with friends and family, very nice.
xx ilse

KiWi仔 said...



女女 said...

看佩佩小時候的照片兩個又不太像,楷靖是像長大料的媽媽,不是像小時候的媽媽 :p

小園丁 said...


Kai-Jin said...

my kong-kong and popo taking us all to Singapore for Christmas! hehehe

Yang 舅舅 said...

your kong kong so cant wait to drink...arr,what can i say...grandson's wife tea??!!