Thursday, October 30, 2008


My mama bought me this ridiculous looking sleeping bag, so I don't kick off my blanket during my sleep, and everyone came to see me like looking at fish at the aquarium.
On the first night, my mama put me in it, and I loved it, but a short while later I woke up because I was feeling so hot, and I started kicking and wriggling, but I didn't get it off. Mama came and get me back to sleep, but I kept waking up, and mama got very annoyed, she told me it is 3am and papa need to sleep because he has got things to do in the morning! It was a hard night but mama manage to get me to sleep at 5am. I woke up again at 7am, and this time mama got me out and I was happy! Last night she put me in the sleeping bag again, and I didn't go to sleep till 12, and when I did, I keep waking up, and again I started to cry at 3am cause I had enough! This time mama notice the problem, she took me out of the sleeping bag, and that was way better! I slept till 8am! Good morning everybody! I love you!


Merv said...

The sleeping bag is so cute...I likey they sell adult size?...I want one!

Liv said...

hahaha! I think you are more naughty than me. I love sleeping in my sleeping bag! Tell your mama to turn up the AC!

Chin che said...

ya actually i thought it look quite "heaty" hehe but i thought it was cuter so it distracted me from commenting

Lyndssey Margaret Sage said...

hello remember to remind ur mama to set a date for our meetup okie??

kiss kiss

Sophie-Anna & Lyndssey

jiu jiu said...

It looks hot. Jiu Jiu kicks his blanket all the time when sleeping. Guess Kai-Jin feels the same!