Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mozzi Mozzi Go Away!

I have been told that I am a sweet baby, and the mozzies think the same too. But I react very badly to them! Once bitten, I will have bad swelling and also blister will form at the stung part! Mama was too heartache to take the picture during the worst time. These are the bites when it is "under control". I look so bad that mama was worry someone will report them for abusing me!
This is on my foot, it had a blister the size of 20cent coin! This one here is already healed, you can see the blister mark on it.

These 2 on my hand, it swell up so much that even my knuckles were bruised!
Have any mama out there have any tips on this type of mozzi reaction?


Anonymous said...
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Mrs Kam said...

OMG, poor Didi! I was bitten by lots of mozzi when I was at the kampung, but it didn't swell like yours. All those anti-mozzi things didn't work for me. Last time a PD prescribed a cream for me to apply, but that doens't work for me either. The Mopiko seems to work better. Maybe ask your mummy to bring you see doc to get a med prescibed? Last time my Jiu-jiu also like yours when he was little, and my grandma brought him to see a doc, the med managed to cure all.

Let's chant together - mozzi mozzi go away!!!!!!!

Kai-Jin said...

my mama already took me to see a dermatologist. He gave mama this cream to apply. Without the cream it will take about a month to heal!

Kirst said...

Poor Baby!

I have very bad reactions to mosquitos too...I have to take anti-histamines to reduce the swelling- get your mamma to check if they make them for babies in the pharmacists - if you take one when the swelling starts and then every four hours it should keep it to a minimum. I also use something called After Bite but that might be UK only and also not for babies - not sure how to help a little man like yourself!

Kirst said...

My mum said she used calamine lotion on me when I was little - god knows how to translate that to manderin or malay!

Kai-Jin said...

ya, my mama use some pretty powerful cream on me. She also uses calamine lotion on me, but only for the "mild" bites.

lyndssey said...

oh yes me too had very bad swelling whn i got bitten.took me weeks to heal.i had like 5 or 6 at a time..mummy was very heartache too.so what mummy does was she applied mozzie lotion on me all the time.