Saturday, December 6, 2008

KJ on Tour

Last week papa and mama told me that they are taking me to visit my mah-mah and yeh-yeh (my papa's parents) at Sitiwan. So the night before I slept early, and I took up half of the king size bed.

The next morning after bathing me, my papa and mama put me in my car seat along with some toys and we hit the road.
I slept for the whole trip which is the full 3 hours! My mama is very proud of me!

This is what I do everyday while at Sitiawan, driving around town!

Suddenly my kong-kong and po-po decided to visit us at Sitiawan, and they took a bus to meet us. After meeting up with kong-kong and po-po, we said good bye to mah-mah and yeh-yeh, and went up north to Bukit Mertajam and Butterowrth to visit my po-po's brother and sisters!
This is my yi po, she is my po-po's siter, she is the one who took care of me and my mama when I was born because my po-po was away at the States!

After visiting my po-po's home town, we went back down south, and before we meet up with kuku, my papa's sister, we made a detour to meet up with my kong-kong's sister, er-ku-po.

This is my kong-kong and his sister, they are taking me on her bike.

Phew!! So many sisters...and later I was told that my mama is my jiu-jiu's sister!

After that we hit the road again...
see you....


YuinTingChin said...

Dear kai Jin, it's good to have such a big happy family. New year is coming soon and you're sure to get a lot of "ang pao" :-)

kam said...

KJ Didi,
Oh, you met my "ah-ma"! And you visited my Baba's house before me! I was only back last week (1 week later than you).

Are you still confuse with all the many "sisters"? I am still confuse.... my baba and mama introduced to me many uncles and aunties, and I don't know who is who. Good thing is I don't have to travel much, because my ah-ma and po-po live just next to each other :-)

I was down with stomach flu before I balik kampung, so my mama said better not to meet up with you as I might pass on the virus with you. Maybe till Chinese New Year?