Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My First Food

My papa and mama decided that I am big enough to try out real food! They prepare me my first food today. It was like a big ceremony, my mama cooked me my first porridge, had my papa stand by with the camera. She took out a new bib, my special eating utensils, and we started another milestone of my life:
Eating Real Food!
I really love it, after the first taste, I can't wait for mama to feed me, I want to help myself!
It is really yummy, and I love feeding myself too! I had them all over my face, and it was a lot of fun eating real food! Mama told me that we will be eating real food again tomorrow! I can't wait!
I will be posting the video of me eating, mama has been trying to upload it on you tube since this afternoon.

By the way, I really love my mama's cooking, here I ask her to share her recipe with you.

Baby Porridge
1. soak the rice grain in water for 15min
2. add in 10 parts of water to the grain
3. cook it in a double boiler (30mins) or place the porridge container in the rice cooker while cooking the adults' rice.
4. when done take the porridge out, stir it when hot, until texture smoothen
5. sit to cool, and add in 1 part of breast milk or formula when ready to serve.

Bon Appetit!


ryeli said...

wah, so yummy ah?! ur much better than ryeli. she didn't finish her first food! haha...

btw, thot ur first food will be rice cereal ur mummy bought?

Kai-Jin said...

no, is the porridge my mama made for me!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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