Monday, December 15, 2008

Sneak Preveiw of Head Gear 08-09

If you all remembered I used to have a nice head of hair, and if you notice, I have been having a hair problem lately, maybe it is because most people think I resemble my jiu-jiu too much that I start to have his hair!
So, my stylist decided to give me some head gear to cover up the receding hair line, here are the preview of what's in for the head gear 2009!

Winter '08 cool dude look!

Spring '09 flora collection, nice flora to match the blooming spring.

Summer '09 sunny boy look!

Fall '09 Artist look.

So which look you prefer?


jiu jiu said...

Greeen one is my favourite!! Tai lok mou! hahahahaha

KiWiń╗ö said...

The 2nd last one seems like Japanese army during world war II... poor little 2-5-zai, hahaha))))))
(Don't chop my head harr...OK?!)