Monday, October 6, 2008

Captain Kai-Jin

Last week Papa took me on the boat to this place called Terumbu Tiga. I was first put in my car seat on the boat but I got too hot and didn't like sitting in it. So Papa strapped me onto his chest and I totally love it. The wind blowing in face while Papa controlled the boat. Makes me feel so coool like Papa!!

Then we stopped and everyone just started getting into the water. I wonder where they went and maybe it has to do with the yellow thing Papa put in my mouth a few days back. Hmmmm.. I am really curious to find out..

I got so tired from the boat ride and slept right after I got home.
Mama calls this sleeping pose - Kung Fu Panda "HI YA!!!"

Ok, I gotta go doodie now. Stop peeping!!! Bai Bai!!


Chin che said...

baby looks so lost wondering why his papa is holding him like that hahaha

Kai-Jin said...

Sorry, that was my cool look! ;P

Chin che said...

cool look or cute look? well every angle he is cutest ever. :)

KittyCat said...

Hi...I came here from Rye Li's blog. Wow, you have such a cool babyhood :)

Glad that your diver Papa and Mummy are sensible to use a proper baby float. And not thoese scary neck types!