Sunday, October 12, 2008


I have been really bored lately. All I hear is water pouring down, Mama said it is rain and "Monsoon" is almost here. I still don't know what Monsoon is but I am sure I don't like it as I don't get to go for my swim, sun tan and play by the beach :(

So Papa, Mama and I gotta stay in and I pick up a few new past times:

Very good book!!

And I talk to Ms Octopus, she always accompany me and the one I wake up next to. Maybe I will ask her to be my girlfriend.

Couple pic!

I love talking to her!

While talking to her, I accidentally turned around by myself and Mama was so happy. She was saying something like "You know how to turnaround by yourself already!! Yay Yay!".

I don't know what the big fuss cause I didn't like it at all!!

OK, I need to go play with Papa and Mama now. At least they still keep me company in the room. I am looking forward to go back to KL very soon actually cause Mama said we can also go swimming with Liv. Liv wait for me ok?

Bai Bai!


Chin che said...

Ms Octopus and BB Kai Jin what a pair. Poor bb, cannot go swimming..aww. Come home and we swim with you, promise promise. Hugs and kisses bb.

Sing said...

Hi Kai Jin,
Kong Kong & Po Po are now in Hunan, China. We miss you a lot. we will be back on Oct 14.