Saturday, October 4, 2008

Car Seat Simulation

After kong kong and po po went back to KL, papa & mama told me that we will be going to Sitiawan, where papa's papa & mama live and KL, where's mama's papa & mama live (I know, it is confusing for me too) very soon.

Papa said the Monsoon is coming, I don't know what that is but he said we can't swim and no more playing by the beach anymore. It sounds scary...

So in order to prepare me for the car ride, he took out the car seat and put me in it everywhere he goes. Mama said it is to make me get used to it.

They even pulled me around in it and I kinda enjoy it. It must be fun sitting in the car I think.


And guess where else they put me?



Anonymous said...

Baby Kai Jin is really an "everything goes baby"- swimming can. singing can. talking can. entertaining can. Now even car seat simulation can. So amazing

Kai-Jin said...

hehehe, I can also blast poop!!!

Shirl said...

Diving also can. Drving the boat - captain for the day also can! Love the pics! :)

Liv said...

Such a multi talented baby, la!

Anonymous said...

I must say mama & papa are very creative!
- Dewi