Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Was It Love At First Sight? -Mama replying tag

This is the first time I got tagged, and I don't really know what to do about it, but I guess is like passing the ball here goes!
Kai-Jin was...hmm, I don't know what to say. The first time we met, I only saw his pee-pee and his ding-dong, and the next time we met face to face was 2 hours later! So was it love at first sight...I am not sure?! It was a long and anxious wait for us, and to finally see each other face to face!
To hubby and me, Kai-Jin is the most beautiful baby. Despite his very small eyes, and his big nose...but we think they compliment each other! We knew that our baby will never look like the poster babies, but he will look very good in his own way. The love just gush out the moment I laid eyes on him. Hubby told me he got a knot in his throat when he first saw Kai-Jin. My love for him just get stronger and stronger everyday, but it was after 1 week later that the tears of joy hit me! After speaking to several mamas, they all told me that the emotion kicked in late for them too. And most papas were more emotional during the first day.
Even until now I still marvel at our work, on such beauty we have created. Watching his face, make me fall in love over and over again with him. So it is more than love at first sight, it is more like love at every sight.

Like hubby always say, "I miss yesterday's Kai-Jin!"
He is growing so fast, and without us realizing he will be mobile soon! Looking back on his old photos, I really miss the new born Kai-Jin!

Ok, I am throwing the ball to another new blog friend: Baby Hao Re, Kai-Jin's Cousin.
Here's my first tag! :)
Replying to Synnee's Was It Love At First Sight?


Kirsty P said...

I think he is getting more and more gorgeous as he is getting older and his eyes and nose compliment each other perfectly! Not even slightly too small! x x

kam said...

Hello baby Kai-Jin. I love the top photo (and all other photos), so cute.

Wondering who am I? I am baby Hao Re ( Your grandpa (your mum's papa) introduced me to you. Somehow my daddy called your grandpa "舅舅", so I guess that made us cousin? Though mum told me, both mum and dad have never met your dad and mum. So obviously I guess we haven't met either?

I am so envy that you have the bench, the sea, the trees, the fresh air, the sky, the sand..... so many thing to accompany you, to nurture your growing up. While for me, dad and mum works in this city called Singapore. So my house is somewhat in the air, no trees, no birds, no beach..... only have the four walls, and those not very interesting toys. I am so bored, when can I visit you? Can you ask your mum, if I can be your friend and visit you some time?

Chin Che said...

Err he IS OUR POSTER BABY, i think is on more than 10 phones wallpaper now...anyway well said kaijin mama

folk in sg said...

very sweet thoughts. :)

bless u mama kai-jin..

ryeli said...

thanks for doing the tag - i totally agree, love at every sight! and i miss my baby rye li too! hehe...lucky now got baby haye li but not for long coz they grow so fast....better enjoy every moment while they're still in our nest! :D

kam said...

Thanks for throwing the tag on me. Have just replied: