Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Birth Story

We are back to KL from the island and mama went into the room where she shed her first tears while breast feeding me, and she thought of the day of my birth. So she decided to write down my birth story before the real version get distorted by diminishing memory!

It was on the 28th of June 2008, mama's ObGyn told her to be admitted to the hospital to induce her and get me out of her already very big tummy, when I was only 1 day late. But the doctor said that mama is at high risk (I have no idea what is that?), and it is better off to get me out sooner.
So on the morning of 28th June, Papa, ah Xiang Jiu Jiu and Uncle Harick accompany mama to the hospital. My mama packed PSP to play, books to read, and movies to watch, in preparation for a long labour session. They arrived UMSC at 8am sharp, papa sent ah Xiang Jiu Jiu and uncle Harick to get us yummy breakfast from SS2, while papa and mama went to see Professor Eugene Leong.
The hospital personal told papa that our room is not ready, and we were brought into a waiting room where mama is being strapped with the CTG which the doctor can listen to my heart beat. I don't know why when he strapped the equipment on mama, I got excited, and my heart beat raise, and suddenly it dropped again. Prof Eugene told papa and mama that my heart beat dropped from 140/min to 70/min, and it repeated when he was showing my papa the reading! And Prof Eugene told papa and mama that it is advisable to perform a C-section to take me out. He left papa and mama alone to discuss about it. Mama was very disappointed that she can't go through natural birth which she had always told me about (she always whisper to me to give her a smooth delivery). But it is for me and her safety, papa and mama finally agreed on the c-section.
Once the decision was made (over 5min. time), the doc call the OT, and preparing mama for the C-section, it was only 8:15 in the morning and their breakfast hadn't arrived yet! Papa was rushed to the registration counter to register mama, while mama was being changed. When mama was wheeled at the corridor, she saw papa sat at the registration counter waiting, the nurse told papa that we are going to the OT, and we heard papa told the nurse that mama wasn't registered yet because the registration counter just open and computer was starting up! But the nurse told him not time, and asked him to see us off then only go back to register. Papa followed us all the way to the entrance of OT, and he was told that he wasn't allowed further in, and he had to say good bye to us and waited outside! There I can felt my mama's heart beat rise, I think she must be scared not to have papa by her side!

When we went into the OT, a guy told mama that he is going to give her anesthetic from waist down, and I felt mama's heart beat beating like drum again! Later on I felt many movement around us, and Prof Eugene told mama he is going to start. Suddenly I felt someone pulling my head, and arms, and also someone pushing my bump! And the next thing I felt was light, and cold! Too bright and too cold for me that I started screaming! I felt myself air borne, and heard mama calling my name! Next thing I remembered was being cleaned and wrapped in a blanket and being wheeled out from the OT. There I saw my papa waiting at the door!He Kissed me and left me with the mid wife and went back to wait for mama. I think he must be worried for mama. It was a very long wait, and there was still no mama. I was left alone in the nursery room, and I got scared, I didn't feel mama's warmth around me anymore! I started to cry...And suddenly I heard a familiar voice, and my papa!!! He was by my side again, and singing me songs that I love! See how skillful my papa was?
My papa pick me up with TLC, and finally mama is out! The first thing she want was me! She told papa that she had not seen my face yet, and all she saw of me was my pee-pee and my ding-dong! So papa quickly brought me to her, where she inspected every inch of me. That was the first time I meet my mama face to face too!

After that is family bounding time! I felt so happy to be near mama that I fell asleep straight away. And later on Xiang Jiu-Jiu got to carry me for the first time, and he was too scare to break me because I looked so fragile!
And it will not be a moment without a photo session with Uncle Harick!
Uncle Harick and me on my first day

You must be wondering why my mama's delivery entourage look so strange, and where are my kong-kong, poh-poh, and jiu-jiu? All of them are overseas! And my mama was left with the care of young men! The nurse at the hospital was trying to figure which of the 3 is my papa because my papa does not look like the father type! ;p
So that was my birth story! Papa mama I love you!

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Anonymous said...

Great story, mama Pei-See!!

- Dewi