Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Me 4 Months Old Today!

Hello peeps, I am a big boy today, I am 4 months old today! So my papa decided to take me do big boy things:
Hang out with papa at "kopi tiam" (coffee shop), and chit chat with suk-suk (papa's brothers). Note that I got a mossy bite on my forehead! Bad mossy!
Visit a garage: What kind of man don't visit garage? Moreover, I am from a foreman family, my yeh-yeh (papa's papa) is Sitiawan's most famous foreman, my suk-suk (papa's brother) is now taking over yeh-yeh's place, and my dudu suk-suk (who is the owner of this garage I am visiting) is tyre specialist, also my ku jeong (papa's sister's husband) is mercedes specialist!
Papa bought me a new car yesterday, so I have to make sure they are doing the job proper, and I must also personally choose the right rims for the car, can't trust my parents on that after what they did to my hair!
After that I listen in to the men's conversation about tools, cars, and chics!
hmm...when I got home, my papa say today is my big day so need to get mah-mah (papa's mama) to do something to my gum. They said it will help when I am teething! Mah-mah rub some boiled vegetable all over my gum, it taste delicious, I was liking it, but I realized that it was mah-mah who is rubbing it, and I started to cry! Then mah-mah took a piece of chicken to touch my gum signified me breaking fast, and no longer just a milk baby, I too eat meat! :)
It is good to be a big boy, meanwhile I continue to bully my yeh-yeh and mah-mah, and cry whenever they touched me! But when I am out I smile and talk to everyone!

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Jean said...

Wow.....big boy oledi!!!
Look like mommy!!!!
Enjoy your days travelling around and remember to share your story with us!!