Saturday, October 18, 2008


Today finally Papa and Mama said they are done "packing"!! I got so excited, that means I get to go to KL which Mama told me where Kong Kong, Po Po, Jiu Jiu and Liv are staying. It sounds sofun and I can't wait to play with them!!

So Papa and I had our last nap for the season at my favourite spot on the island.

I also said bye bye to my Scottish girlfriend

Mama said all these have to go...... including me -___-"

Papa and Mama took one last glance at our paradise home and off we go!!

After the boat ride, I got to this place Uncle Harrick told me as the mainland? What is mainland?

Papa started driving and I didn't like the journey so much and I started to cry. Papa, Mama and Uncle Harrick all had to sing my favourite song - Old MacDonald Had a Farm for 3 hours to calm me down and put me to sleep. Mama thinks I am having jetlagged and I just feel very different. Maybe I am starting to miss the beach and the breeze.

On the brighter side, Jiu Jiu is throwing a big homecoming party for me, I am really excited and looking forward. I miss playing with Kong Kong and Po Po too.
See you guys soooon!!!


Liv said...

I don't like car journey either! Ask yout Jiujiu...i threw up in his car! Oups...but he is really nice because he said it was ok.
Give my mama a call when you are on your way to KL so i can get ready...i am a girl you know, i need time to get ready ;-)

ryeli said...

oooh....wht day, what day ur back in kl? and i want 2 be there too for the homecoming!!!!

lyndssey Margaret Sage said...

oh so cute la little kai-jin!!! i cant wait to meet him! shud we plan for a meetup wth aunty joanne as well??she will bring her son i will bring my daughter..let me know Lyndssey & Sophie-Anna

Kai-Jin said...

hehehe, all these girls waiting to meet me! many choices, so little time!!